Q. How do I achieve the perfect summer glow?

A. Well you have come to the right place! Being voted as Melbourne’s Best Spray Tanners in the Beauty Award Vote 2014, we uphold our great reputation for our natural looking, long lasting tans. However there are some things you can do to prolong the life and naturalness of your spray tan.

PRE TANNING PREP: Exfoliation is key! Gently exfoliate your whole body to remove the dead skin cells with a loofah or exfoliating glove (you can purchase one from our retail bar) after your shower do not apply any lotions, deodorant or makeup and come in loose dark clothing. We also recommend you shave or have your waxing done a day or two before your tan.

AFTER TANNING TIPS: If you have the 2 hour tan you have the choice to wash it off between 2-4 hours depending on how dark you wish to be. You need to shower after this time for no longer than 60seconds! In the shower we recommend you run your hands over each part of your body so the bronze coat rinses off evenly. DO NOT use any body wash, Shampoo or Conditioner for your first shower. After your shower gently pat dry with your towel and use a body lotion or moisturizer of your choice. See our retail bar for our wide range of Organic Tan Saving Body Wash’s and Tan Extending Moisturizers. All our products we retail are safe and free of parabens and nasties that may strip your tan!

There are many other tips and tricks you can do to make that summer glow last;

  • Shorter showers and gently pat dry after your shower
  • Use a body lotion twice a day or Tan Extending Moisturizer after every shower
  • We also stock a wide range of tan extending moisturizers from the same brand of product we spray you with that you can purchase one after your tan to help it last!

Q. Must I do anything before having any waxing done?

A. If having your legs, arms, underarms, bikini, Brazilian etc – we do recommend you give the area a gently exfoliation in circular motion (always towards the heart) this will help to remove dead skin cells and free any haird that may be growing slightly under a layer of skin. This helps the waxing procedure go quicker and assures a more even result as well as preventing ingrown hairs.
Do not moisturize after you have exfoliated prior to waxing.

Q. I am interested in having eyelash extensions but I don’t know how long I want them or what to do prior

A. Our Lash Therapists are extremely experienced and will sit with you to discuss the length and the look you are after before applying to ensure you walk out of Miss Chic happy and satisfied!
Please come with no eye make up on and if you require lash tint please do so the day before.

Q.  Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my eyelash extensions?

A. The lashes can not be wet for 24 hours after having them applied, so when showering keep your face out.
Using an oil free eye-make remover and cleanser is recommended which you can purchase from our retail bar. We also recommend you do not wear mascara as tempting as this may be, it will stick to the glue and weigh your lashes down, this can damage your natural and false lashes and they will not last as long.